Saturday, December 16, 2017

Weekly Recap, Don't Chase and Don't Believe The Hype With All Your Chips

1. Don't chase stocks.
2. Don't believe the hype with all chips, sell some on the way up.
3. Scan; down multiple days in a row up today is a good one.
4. What matters the most in the short-term is momentum and mean reversion.
5. Shoot first ask questions later.
6. $GCAP $UEPS two bitcoin plays yet to make their secondary moves.
7. $RDUS  a bio to watch.
8. $ZGNX a high tight flag.


Frank Zorrilla, Registered Advisor In New York. If you need a second opinion, suggestions, and or feedback in regards to the market feel free to reach me at or 646-480-7463. 

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