Thursday, August 13, 2015

Some Positives Among The Carnage

The market has been under pressure lately, specifically many individual common stocks.  However, these few stocks have held up relatively well and more importantly the charts right here, right now, look very enticing.  If some pressure is relieved from the market these stocks should immediately jump out the gate.



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  1. Hi Sir, always find your posing very inspiring with new idea, and set people start thinking. I love it.

    Could you assist to elaborate the following " healthy 2-3 times per year for tactical investing" on your article ?
    What is the meaning or characteristics of healthy ?
    Could you give e.g. of healthy 2-3 times per year's example for the past year ?


    :"5. What is the philosophy? .... ... The market is (**** healthy 2-3 times per year for tactical investing *****) , we identify those times and take advantage of them to the best of our ability." ..

    Thank you very much.